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Greenways Nova Scotia

Greenways Nova Scotia Vision

Create Active, Healthy and Sustainable Community Trails and Pathways for all Nova Scotians.

Terms of Reference/Statement of Reference

1. Promote and create sustainable trails and pathways that accommodate all forms of Active Transportation including mobility aids.

2. Actively advocate and promote people powered trails.

3. Challenge trail policies within government that fail to embrace and promote active living.

4. Advocate for policies that protect the health of our communities by promoting laws that prohibit excessive noise and other forms of pollution.

5. Promote the use of trails and pathways in active living educational programs.

6. Support affiliated organization, groups, towns and municipalities that advance the above goals.

7. Establish a library of reference material.

8. Support the development of trails and pathways through the community development model.

9. Recognize human powered forms of travel.

10. Support each other, share information, and develop strategies to create a common voice for our goals.

11. Agree to support the above