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Greenways Nova Scotia

What has the biggest impact?
What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
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tn EU Declaration on Cycling as a climate friendly Transport Mode
tn The Value of Cycling
tn Trans Canada Trail Greenway Vision
tn Trans Canada Trail Nova Scotia Trails Partnership agreement
tn Creating Greenway Nova Scotia   Policy paper - an initiative of Greenways Nova Scotia
tn Deconstructing a myth - Identifying ATVing's Health, Environmental, Economic and Social impacts
tn A Survey of Nova Scotia Hiking Trail Users - Gardner Pinfold Consulting Economists
tn Physical Activity Levels and Dietary Intake in Children and Youth in Nova Scotia (PACY 2005)
tn PACY graphical presentation
tn Creating Greenways Nova Scotia- brochure
tn strategy guide
tn Link - World health Organization - Noise
tn Richmond Hill motorized vehicle bylaw
tn Massachusetts Motorized Trail Recreation Facility Assessment Policy
tn Trails, not golf, draw for buyers.pdf - newspaper article
tn CBC Paradise Maritime Magazine documentary broadcast
tn The case for Developing a Comprehensive Provincial Physical Activity Stratagy(Nova Scotia)
tn Kings Trail Report -final draft
tn Benefits of Trails - City of Columbia MO
tn The Influence of Snowmobile Emissions on Air Quality and Human Health
tn Trails at RiskThe Impacts of Unmanaged Motorized Recreation and Off-Road Vehicle Use on Hiking Trails and the Hiking Experience
tn Annapolis County Recreation Interests Study    Social make up and recreation interests of residents ofall ages within the geographical boundary of Annapolis County.
tn Canadian Rails to Greenways Network    The benefits of rail trails and greenways
tn Devco Rail Trail Survey Report   Adjacent landowner survey on preferred trail uses.
tn The Well Groomed Trail    Michael Enright article on snowmobile pollution
The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A Global Call for Action
thumbnail A Greener, Greater New York
tn Article - What would you do if the trains were still running?
tn An Interstate Bicycling Systemthe U.S. Bicycle Route System
tn Cycling industry gives economy 3bn boost
tn Drivers, want more space on the roads? Push for bike lanes
tnWalking Home: Ken Greenberg On How Jane Jacobs Was Right (Book Review)
tnAn Australian vision for active transport
tnActive Transportation in Urban Areas: Exploring Health Benefits and Risks
tn Peak car - Globe and Mail article on reurbanization
tn Ad in Digby Courier - Help Save the Trans Canada Trail in NS
tn Valley Trail System Complete?
tn NS Health and Wellness areas of responsibility
tn From the Journal of the Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition – July 1, 2011
tnRails officially become trails through the Valley
tn Smoke and mirrors in the Valley
Article - One mile on a bike is a $.42 economic gain to society, one mile driving is a $.20 loss
Vimeo logo - Introducing the Dutch Cycling Embassy, the world's cycling experts sharing experiences.
YouTube logo The Societal cost of cars
Website - - Building Better Bicycle Cultures
tn Saving the Trans Canada Trail in Nova Scotia